About Us

Harold J. Cyr-Townsend, President, Instructor.
1st Response Training Inc.

Harold J. Cyr-Townsend, President, Instructor

Harold has worked within the healthcare industry for the past 19 years, Harold's love and passion have come from loving others. He began a home health care company 17 years ago which has lead to his love and passion for helping others. Harold has first hand seen the need within our community for CPR training skills which resulted in the formation in 2012 of 1st Response Training Inc.

Harold states I love teaching CPR because I know it can truly make a difference in people’s lives by keeping the class fun, short, and engaging. I love seeing the “light” go on in students by the end of the class because they actually feel empowered and confident of their skills. It feels I have truly benefitted my students and can make this world a better/safer place, one class and one student at a time.